Muddy Waters is 短 Inogen公司. 因为qt电子认为,管理层对总可寻得市场(“TAM”)的规模和增长编造了一种极其错误的说法. qt电子估计U.S. 市场是1.300万个用户. The data shows us that the market is actually shrinking. We believe that even though POC penetration will continue to increase, 因为市场已经接近饱和,一方面正在萎缩,另一方面设备的使用寿命较长, INGN will hit peak sales no later than next year.

INGN在很大程度上体现了当今资本市场的功能失调:管理层的误导性言论, shoddy market research presented as authoritative, thorough sell-side capture, and of course significant enrichment of insiders through stock sales. INGN之所以能实现如此高的市盈率,关键在于它的“蓝天故事”——也就是说,它在美国市场上的表现非常出色.S. TAM约有300万用户,并以每年7% - 10%的速度增长. INGN presentations often state both estimates, 哪些是一家名叫WinterGreen research的不知名研究公司的研究成果, 公司. These estimates appear to have little grounding in reality. We reviewed the 2017 WinterGreen report, and frankly feel it is middle school student quality, replete with misspellings, 糟糕的语法, bizarre statements of fact, and even outright plagiarism from the New York Times. 在qt电子写这个的时候, 一想到有多少严肃的分析师报告和公司简报是基于这项工作而有效地准备的,你就会忍不住笑出来. INGN管理层应该知道,不能把WinterGreen的工作当成权威.

qt电子计算实际的U.S. TAM is presently approximately only 1.300万个用户, which is 57% lower than management’s claim. Our estimate is derived from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) data. CMS data also shows the oxygen therapy market has been shrinking. We estimate that from 2010 to 2017, the market shrank at a CAGR of -2.6%. 这与该公司自2013年11月以来7% - 10%的正增长预期相去甚远. 在qt电子看来, 管理层通过提供不可靠的估计和来自可靠来源的不实数据,制造了一种错误的叙述.

We expect INGN sales to peak no later than next year. While POC penetration rates should continue to rise, B2B销售的混合可能会对进一步的增长造成重大障碍. POCs sold to B2B customers have an estimated six-year usable life, meaning that each is likely to serve multiple users in its lifetime. We see China as unlikely to materially change the picture for INGN. Accordingly, we think INGN is reaching peak sales in 2019 or 2020. There is no justification for an 8x sales multiple, let alone any valuation based on a sales multiple. At our forecast of peak earnings, we value INGN at $46 per share, a 67% decrease from its current price.


The reports on this website have been prepared by either Muddy Waters, 或Muddy Waters Capital LLC(“Muddy Waters Capital”). qt电子qt电子和Muddy Waters Capital统称为“Muddy Waters”,将这些实体单独称为“Muddy Waters实体”。. Each report specifies the publisher and owner of that report. All reports are for informational purposes only. 在任何情况下,本报告中的任何报告或任何信息都不应被视为投资建议, 或作为出售或招揽购买任何证券或其他金融工具的要约.

qt电子(qt电子)是一家在线研究刊物,以尽职调查为基础撰写公开交易证券报告, Muddy Waters Capital LLC是一家在美国注册的投资顾问公司.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 这些报告属于发布该报告的适用Muddy Waters实体的财产. This website is owned by qt电子. 的观点, 本协议中规定的信息和报告仅可归因于适用的浑水实体,而不应归因于任何浑水关联人(定义见下文)(适用的浑水实体除外).

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